The Many Benefits Of Pawanmuktasana Yoga

The word Pawan means air, and the word Mukt means relieving or freeing, and asana means the pose. It means that this asana is all about getting rid of air that gets trapped inside the body. The air that gets trapped inside the body causes friction in the movement, which may result in difficulty of movement. It is a widespread place problem, especially in adults, but today it can also be found in children. Pawanmuktasana is three series. The first one of the series deals with the problems in joints and focus on decreasing the friction and increasing mobility. All in all, there are 12 poses for the Pawanmuktasana I. The poses are as follows:

Toe Bending Pose: It focuses on removing the air between the toe joints.

Ankle Bending: It focuses on releasing the air trapped between the ankle and the limbs attached.

Ankle Rotation: It focuses on increasing the lubrication of the ankle and get rid of air bubbles.

Kneecap Contraction: The outward and inward movement makes sure that the joint is evenly lubricated.

Knee Bending helps in releasing the trapped air in the knees.

Half Butterfly: This pose allows the air trapped in the hip to thigh joint and the knee joint to be released.

Hand Clenching: This pose allows the air stuck in the knuckles to be released and flexes the movement. 

Wrist Joint Focused Rotation: This allows the air bubbles trapped in the wrist joint and strengthens the hands.

The three ways that should be followed to perform the Pawanmuktasana are:

  1. Awareness About Physical Movement: While performing Pawanmuktasana, you should be aware of each joint, ligament, and muscle of the body. You should also take note of the movement that is occurring in each joint and ligament. The pace should be kept regular, and care must be taken that the mind is free from any negative thoughts. The focus should be on the limb, for which yoga is being done. This silent synchronization brings coherence between the mind and the body and ensures that there is synchronized peace between the body and the mind.
  2. Awareness About The Breathing And Its Synchronization: The general impact of any form of physical labor on the body is that the person starts breathing in short breaths. Pawanmuktasana makes sure that the breathing is calmed and in rhythm with the physical activity of the body. It also helps soothe the organ and prepare them for the extra load that will put them through exercise and stretch, when the breathing is regular and in synchronous with the rhythm of the body movements. 
  3. Awareness Of Movement: The Pawanmutasana, helps you become aware of your body, and it channels the right kind of energy through the veins. The positive blood flow enables the body to become healthy, and proper circulation occurs throughout the body. The pose is all well synchronized, and there are hardly any issues once you get into the flow. The crucial thing here is the comfortable slip from one pose to the other, without any up and down in the breath as the breath itself is well controlled.

The synchronous movement from one pose to the other allows the locked air to be released and causes the body to relax the right way..

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