Own your emotions and get lit up from the inside. Loving your body is closely tied to how you experience your relationships. How you experience yourself and how much love can you pass on to others. When you have the self-love for your body, you project that out in the world. 

Body love is emotionally imprinted from when you developed body consciousness early on in life. Most little girls and teenagers grow up with rejection. Those either come from the culture itself, the family, media also gives out a certain look, when sexuality is overall shamed and judged.

A girl goes on with her life with those emotions imprinted in her. When you are aware of yourself, and when you look at yourself in the mirror, you experience the habitual emotions that you grew up around. For many of us, those come is the shapes of rejection, judgment, shame, and on the other side striving for something perfect that not necessarily exists. Those emotions won’t empower you.

So, maybe it has come the time when it is necessary to slowly unwind, forget the habits that have been imprinted and bring awareness to them, those emotions will naturally start to move out. It’s a way for you to create space for everything that you want to feel now. And all the nice and positive things that you want to feel.

Only a few simple mindful moments before you kick-start your day can make a whole big difference in how open and capable you’re feeling throughout the day. By doing such meditations on the regular, you imprint your desires into your brain and what you want to become is always only a short though away. While each of the changes in your habits and daily routines opens you up to the point where you can create lasting transformations. Science has actually proven that when you stay in your everyday cortical reality, you can’t make lasting transformations. But you can get there with a strong will and positive habits. Some of those are mindful and breathing techniques like meditation, dance, or by simple breathwork.

Breathwork is one of a kind self-treatment as it accesses the part of the brain that has deeply imprinted behaviors. By being aware of what those behaviors are, you’re halfway through your transformation. Breathwork is a simple and short process. It requires you to mindfully take a couple of minutes out of your day.

Breathwork essentially means connecting your breath without pauses between inhales and exhales. It is one deep connected breath that brings you to a powerful state of awareness. It’s a highway of meditations because it gives you instant results.

You can do this at any time of the day. The first thing in the morning would be the logical choice as it does tend to kick-start your system but, moreover, utilize the technique at any time during the day when things get hectic and you need to hit that reset button and remind yourself how beautiful and powerful you really are. 

(Working on your breathwork also mean making sure you’re wearing the right apparel to allow your body to breathe. Check out the link to shop the above look.)

Also, don’t refrain yourself from letting the emotions flow freely. The practice might lead you through moving your body and wiggling in different directions. Let sounds out. A relaxed jaw is connected to relaxed muscles in your pelvic area. Let yourself feel all the feelings and immerse yourself in the experience. It can furthermore open up space for self-love within you.

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